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Ma Petite


Home-made with love and organic ingredients

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Owner of Ma Petite Patisserie Sandra Bonhomme-Gilliam

WOMAN BEHIND Ma Petite Pâtisserie

Sandra Bonhomme-Gilliam

Throughout her life, Sandra Bonhomme-Gilliam has been passionate about nutrition and how to stay healthy, which has provided a balanced way of living . Her extensive university journey led her to a Ph.D. in Nutrition, achieved in 2009 at the Paris-Descartes University in Paris, France .

Sandra is also a gourmet (a connoisseur of good food) which most might think would be difficult to combine sweets with a healthy lifestyle. With her background in nutrition, she shifted her focus to becoming a French pastry chef (or pâtissière ), dedicated to making delicious and healthy cakes and pastries.

[mah] [puh-teet] [pah-teesuh-ree]

Ma Petite Pâtisserie

My Little Pastry

…creates products that are organic, gluten-free and dairy-free. We offer a full menu of fresh, traditional French pastries that have lower glycemic index ingredients but are also delicious and nutritious!

Our ingredients are chosen for their nutritional qualities but also for their flavors. Our pastries are home-made and perfect for the gluten and/or dairy-intolerant people, however, they will treat any sweet tooth, whether they are concerned or not about their health.

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Organic Ingredients

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Gluten Free

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Dairy Free

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Once in a great while you find something that is truly a treasure. Everything Sandra creates is not only top of the line healthy but melt in your mouth delicious! Her pastries are unique flavorful and light as air. Am so delighted to have a quality product like Sandra's available!

—  Jody Drake, from Prescott, AZ

Ma petite Pâtisserie Customer Jody Drake

Our Pastry


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