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There are a lot of people that are gluten and/or dairy intolerant who should not be deprived of tasty desserts!

It’s important to note that milk and more particularly cow’s milk, presents the risk of causing multiple health concerns if consumed in high quantities, which is generally the case in western societies. First of all, humans are not intended to consume cow’s milk, which is truly made for feeding baby cows. 

Image by Larisa Birta
Milk Carton Leak

Secondly, the modern milk industry modifies the cow’s hormones in order for her to produce milk during her pregnancy. This makes a real “feminine hormones cocktail” that ends up in the milk that we consume. Moreover, some growth hormones, such as the IGF-1, are highly concentrated in the milk (10 times more today that it was  in the 1980s), which can have direct consequences on our health including chronic inflammation, joint pain, tumors etc.

There are other ways to get calcium, by consuming plant-based oleaginous fruits  and nuts such as almond, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. Greens and citrus fruits are also good sources of Calcium.

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